Building a website is getting easier and easier, getting visitors to your web site is getting harder and harder.

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Is your content available across the web?
Is your business on Google Places? Bing? Yahoo! Local?
Are your landing pages optimized for conversion and sales?

Complete Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Plans, Keyword Research, Content Optimization, Competitor Analysis, Web Analytics, Conversion Optimization, Link building, Backlink Management and Pay Per Click Advertising!


Drive more leads from your Facebook, Twitter, & other social media sites.
Improve your online reputation - monitor your online business profiles and reviews. Claim or create your online business listings and get found by millions of potential customers.


Professional website design and support includes web hosting, site updates, website maintenance and fresh content generation.
eCommerce development by a highly experienced team of developers with excellent industry experience and skills.


Custom software development
from inception to deployment.

We build high-performance, user-friendly custom software applications: web development, software design, requirement analysis, php/mysql programming, object-oriented design and programming, Java programming, .NET, and database development.


SEO Announements & Insights

Google Updates in a Nut Shell

Panda: Detect low quality and duplicate content. more

Penguin: Detect link spam, no overlinking and never buy links. more

Hummingbird: Semantic Search; understand natural language and the context of queries.

SEO Best Practices

What is PageRank Anyway?

in 2001 Google Co founder Larry Page receives apatent for PageRank, which orders each search result based on “an objective measure of its citation importance that corresponds well with people’s subjective idea of importance.”

Google Apps for Businesses

The free edition of Google Apps for Business was termintated on December 6, 2012. Early this year Google limited the free apps for business to 10 accounts and now that gone to. If you already have a Free apps for business account it will remain in effect free of charge. Google had this quote on the offical Google Enterprise Blog "When we launched the premium business version we kept our free, basic version as well. Both businesses and individuals signed up for this version, but time has shown that in practice, the experience isn’t quite right for either group. Businesses quickly outgrow the basic version and want things like 24/7 customer support and larger inboxes. Similarly, consumers often have to wait to get new features while we make them business-ready. With this in mind, we’ve decided to make things very straightforward."


PPC - AdWords Tune-up

Your landing page should deliver on what customers expect from reading your ads. Make sure your landing page is relevant, simple to navigate and tells your visitors what to do next. "


Google Penguin Update

As of April 2012, Google implemented the Penguin Update. The new algorithm uses modern search engine optimization (SEO) techniques and practices and applies them to the webmasters standards. Overlinking, keyword stuffing, better keyword placement, duplicate content are some of the activities that are directly affected by the Penguin update. read more

Best Practices - Google advises and guidelines

In this article we summerize the most importanet guidlines SEO best practices and show you what to avoid to ensure that your site get crawled and indexed properly by Google. read more



Building a website is getting easier and easier, getting visitors to your web site is getting harder and harder.



On-Page Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization involves many factors for effective search engine results. Intelligent use of keywords or key phrases is one important factor that affects your website's rank and position in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Relevant keywords should appear in the web content in proper prominence, density, proximity, and frequency or the website could be declared as SPAM which will cause a nightmare and major indexability issues. Using proper keyword placement in the creation of a web page can prevent this type of issue, but take caution because indexing affects the life of your website.

Website Design & Development

Open Source Development

Drupal Development


Drupal is an open source PHP/MYSQL content management software as well as a content management framework. Drupal commonly used as a back-end framework for different types of websites including personal blogs, corporate, political and government websites. read more


Joomla DevelopmentJoomla

One of the most popular CMS scripts is Joomla, which is a free Open Source content management framework that allows users to create websites in almost any configuratio without the need of much technical skills or knowledge. Joomla is built with PhP/MySQL and employees the model-view-controller (MVC) architectural pattern. read more


Word Press DevelopmentWordPress

WordPress is a free and open source web software program that is used to create full websites and blogs. Wordpress is a dynamic content management system based on PHP and MySQL. read more


Website Design and Development

Is your business on the web? Are you present on the conversation channels? Do you have a web presence strategy? Is your site ready for conversion? Are your landing pages optimized? Do you keep up with reviews? Do you have a social media marketing plan? Is your content available across the web? Are you on Google Places? Bing Places / maps? Yahoo! local?

We provide our clients with custom web development and marketing services. From website maintenance to search engine marketing we are a one stop web development shop. Click for a complete list of website design and support services.

Custom Website Design and Maintenance

Your WebsiteYour website is one of the most unique and direct communication mechanisms for your business. A properly designed internet presence can promote your brand, deliver your message, and excite your audience.

It’s essential that a website get fresh content at least once a month to give it the competitive edge it deserves. We provide support plans & web maintenance services for your site that are tailored to your needs, whether you update your site once a month, twice a month, or even daily, we have the plan that suits your needs as well as building a custom plan for your business. Your business is unique and so is your website. Read more about custom website maintenance plans.

Our customized approach to web design and development combines state-of-the-art technologies to provide our clients with solutions and a personal client focus for their website success.

We work with our clients to ensure the project is successful at all phases of the software development life-cycle. We provide recommendations and suggestions about the look and feel of the website design and software application including: site usability, search engine friendly designs, content optimization, and ease of site navigation to name a few. More on website design and ecommerce development

Our Process at a Glance

  • Request a free site analysis and quote
  • Optimization research
  • Research and analysis of your industry
  • Design and development
  • Customization
  • Design showcase
  • Testing and updates
  • Deployment and support

Search Engine Marketing Services

SEM | SEO | Social media marketing | Online reputation management


img_7Creative and dedicated staff with outstanding design, SEM, SEO and programming skills.

At website Design and Support we tie together the creative and technical skills of our staff with the vast aspects of the internet, including web design and development, social media promotions, and online reputation management.

Complete SEM services that promote your online presence and reputation


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) allows businesses and organizations to promote products, services or campaigns across the web. SEM services involve the support and promotion of websites (SEO), social media pages, and business online profiles by mounting their web presence and visibility in search engine result pages (SERPs) and social media discussion channels through:

PPC – paid placement or paid inclusion with search engines like Google PPC, Bing, and Yahoo! among others.

SEO – keyword research and website content optimization and link building techniques to promote the site ranking yielding a higher search engine placement for the site contents.

Social Media Monitoring and Online Reputation Management - Internet marketing techniques along several stages of the customer engagement cycle which encompasses: search, research, socialize, ask, and buy.

Social Monitoring

What Are My ROI Enablers?

Your ROI comes from the transparency of analytics and reporting. We will provide you with the reports to gauge your ranking, what content is provided, how and where your reputation is being monitored, and most of all your conversions. What’s working and what’s not.

Conversions reports will be generated by customer engagement in the following manner: Social Promotions on places like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Google Places / Google+, email messages, mobile device marketing, PPC, etc. Management, Advertising & Offers on places like Living Social and GroupON. Your reputation will be monitored by reviews on locations like Google Places, Yelp, Judy’s Book,, Yellow Bot, City Search, Insider pages, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook pages, etc. and the list grows daily.

Your content will be optimized with blogs, articles, Google Hotpot, Type Pad etc. while online videos, pictures, and slides, will be generated to be published all over the internet as well.

Online Reputation Management (ORM) - Monitor and respond to reviews, thank customers for reviews, and discuss your reviews with your customers - "reviews are here to stay".

Search Engine Optimization and Ranking Management - track traffic via web anlytics, track ROI, conversions, and manage your PPC campaign and measure CTR.